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Nail designs and nail art can all be found in the nded online nail design store.

You have the choice: Over 8,000 products for gorgeous fingernails are waiting to be discovered!

Welcome to your store for first-class nail designs. We at Nail Design Exclusive Discovery – NDED ® – are leading manufacturers of the best products for nail designs, nail art and gel nails. Take a look though our store and you will be excited, inspired and motivated.

A passion for nail designs - for a career or hobby

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, a private user, run a nail studio or if you want to build up a business in nail designs - we are your competent partner. Now all of your nail design wishes will come true. You will definitely find what you are looking for in our online store with over 8,000 of the best products from our quality brands such as YOUMAXX, American Line, KONAD, Euro-Line, Vylet Nails, Hartmann, Lavera, NAIL-EON, Promed and, of course, NDED.

Over 15,000 commercial ventures, such as nail studios and online stores, trust in our services and skilled consultation as well as our products, which we offer internationally for reasonable prices. Orders with us are not subject to a minimum order value, so you won’t have to make a large investment to make your own gel nails, conjure up acrylic nails and decorate artificial nails made of LED gel, acrylic or fiberglass with attractive nail art.

Our store has nail gels, designs and liquids that are easy to apply for every fingernail design technique. We also offer everything you need for the latest manicure trends. Along with tips for artificial fingernails and manicure cutters, our extensive range also also includes all products needed for a creative fingernail manicure, LED nail polish for perfect nails, artificial fingernail tools such as nail art spot swirls, brushes for acrylic fingernails as well as anything you need for French nails. We also carry make-up, cosmetics, hair and body care products, perfume, jewelry for artificial fingernails and piercings. All of your nail studio equipment - from individual tools to complete nail studio furnishings - can be found in our nail design store.

It doesn’t matter if you are designing fingernails at home yourself or work independently at a nail studio or in the field of manicures and pedicures, you won’t want to be without many of these products.

Nail designs that will win you over

Our products and our service meet the highest demands on quality, which makes us your reliable partner for nail designs. Proof of our service quality and reliability is the quality seal from Trusted Shops GmbH. Real customer reviews and experiences can be found on our eKomi profile, where positive customer reviews have given us the gold seal.

Our products for perfect artificial fingernails, characterized by the fact that no heat develops when they harden, are all certified and without methacrylate acids, which means the natural fingernail is not damaged. Furthermore, all products for nail art are manufactured according to the latest cosmetic directives, and the safety information sheets list the ingredients according to the international nomenclature for cosmetic ingredients (INCI).

In addition to our manicure products, in 2013 we also started carrying natural cosmetics, make-up, perfume and products for hair and body care in the USA.

All this and a three-year guarantee on our TÜV Süd-certified equipment makes us your trustworthy all-round partner for nail designs and cosmetics.

New things do not have to be difficult - our training programs help you

A professional isn’t born a professional. But we will actively support you in becoming one. If you have little or no experience in nail designs and nail art, good instructions are an important support on the path to success. We will post photos, images and instructions in galleries for nail designs on Google+ and Facebook. At Training/Instructions you can buy training DVDs, printout instructions for free and place orders. Our range also offers flexible nail trainers you can use for practice.

Our quality products with your label or in neutral packaging

Would you like to re-sell first-class nail art products as well as accessories, run your own brand studio from NDED or put your label on our products (a “private label”) for use in your studio to sell in your own nail store? All this is possible and not a problem. We will be happy to help you. Profit from our dealer area and save up to 80%. Send us a copy of your business license for access. We would be pleased to send you our products without a label as well so you can sell your own brand. Or we will fill your pots and bottles and label them for you. Anything is possible! We would be pleased to help you with in-depth and competent advice.

Your way to fingernail studio independence - we support you!

Are you so excited about nail designs, manicures and pedicures that you want to turn your hobby into a career and plan on starting your own business? Congratulations on this decision. Don’t just pamper yourself, but pamper your customers as well with a careful manicure or pedicure and create professional gel nails, acrylic nails and modern nail art.

We offer you the possibility of training in one of our partner studios around the world. Learn from professional and experienced instructors about how to make your own high-quality nail art, shape your own gel nails and acrylic nails, practically apply nail polish, develop your own individual nail designs and you will also learn the professional secrets for a perfect French manicure. With this high-quality fingernail training, you will have the best technical background to start a successful business.

Have you already been trained in nail designs and do you have extensive experience? Wonderful! Then you can start straight away. Open a nail design studio, for example, with our patented brands such as American Line, Vylet Nails or Euro-Line. Or be your own boss as a consultant for manicures and acrylic nails with a mobile nail studio, a mobile studio for foot care, a foot care school, a cosmetic studio, as a hair dresser or as an online store partner for NDED products and set your own working hours to manage both a career and your family.

Our tip for starting your own business: Opening a mobile studio normally has lower costs and hurdles than opening a stationary studio. On the one hand, you don’t need to calculate the costs of studio equipment or monthly rent for space. On the other hand, mobile studios are also allowed in residential areas and you do not have to provide parking or bathroom facilities for your customers.

No matter which variant you select, we will actively support you and provide extensive consultation. And our support for you is as individual as each natural fingernail.

The various categories in the fingernail store have your dream products for nails, nail art and nail design, equipment for nail studios and cosmetics. Together with us you will find everything you need for your career from a single source!

The UV gel starter sets offer complete packages for various nail designs. Conjure up perfect nails with the UV gels and color gels. LED gels such as soak-off gels, nail modelling gel polishes, gelish, polish nail gel for artificial nails, UV nail polish and NDED cool gels shorten the hardening times considerably to just 30 to seconds. Your customers will also appreciate these benefits.

Do you prefer not to model with gel nails, but instead prefer the acrylic technique for acrylic nails, which lasts for many weeks without problems or lifting? Then, just as with our other products, you will also find everything you need in our nail design store to do your own fingernails. From nail polish in many colors to manicure cleaner, nail design remover and disinfectants for any fingernail or gel nails, nail tips, brushes, cellulose swabs, equipment, tools and empty containers up to nail jewelry, we offer a comprehensive, professional selection.

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