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Gel Polish

Best gel polish for home or salon use in manicures and pedicures

The generic term gel polish covers a multitude of different nail polishes with special properties. Durable like UV gel and easy to apply like a nail polish, the product is ideally suited for quick stabilization and beautification of natural nails. UV polishes and gel polish in different colors and textures are cured under light, making them particularly durable and lastingly beautiful, without being applied like a gel model.

One of the most important properties of UV gel polish is the strength, which stabilizes even brittle and soft natural nails. Contrary to acrylic or gel modelled nails, these polishes applied in thin layers over the nail plate hardly build up, the nail and the design still look natural. This eliminates annoying waiting times because the polish hardens under UV light immediately after application. This also means the unattractive impressions on the nail surface are prevented. As with gel modelled nails, these last up to six weeks, depending on the stresses on the nail. If needed, you can easily remove the gel polish with a remover. As with gel nails, a natural nail painted with UV gel polish shines brilliantly for a long time, the surface is durable and scratch resistant.

The special polish with the long durability is applied in multiple coats. First the natural nail is manicured, napped with the buffer and degreased with cleaner. A base coat is the first layer and thus the basis for the UV gel polish. Like the other coats, these are applied thinly and individually cured under UV light. A very thin coat is important to ensure complete hardening. The gel polish can be applied in one or more layers, this increases the color intensity. Once the desired look is achieved, a top coat is the finish. The sealing polish ensures long-lasting shine, strength and resistance to scratches.

UVgel polishes are ideal for nails with problematic shapes on which model layers often do not hold permanently. The gel polish hardly weighs down the nail and also stabilizes it and thus enables undisturbed growth. Compared to conventional polishes, the UV polish often lasts for several weeks, even under harsher conditions, and retains its elegant gloss and smooth surface. The nded UV gel polishes are made without the addition of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and are therefore gentle to the nail plate and cuticle and also suitable for sensitive people.

Browse the nded online shop through the variety of brands, effects, colors and textures to find the perfect UV gel nail polish for any occasion! The simple application means the natural nails can be designed individually and exciting again with these products.


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