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Gel Nail Polish

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Gel Polish
Gel polish combines the properties of nail polish and UV color gels. The durable gel polish is easy to apply and is hardened under UV light. Long durability and high gloss characterize the gel nail polish in this category, a final seal provides even more
Thermal Nail Polish
The thermal nail polish produces an "ah" effect with its color changing effect. Depending on the temperature, the nail changes color and shows a different side with varying color nuances. This means nail art is never boring. The color combinations as well
Peel Off Nail Polish
For problematic nails and everyone who likes easy and uncomplicated solutions, the peel off nail polish is ideal. The durable gel polish is applied and hardened normally. What makes this product so special: If desired, the polish layer can easily be pulle
Wholesale UV LED soak-off 3 in 1 gel nail polish supplies online and buy cheap one-step gel polish for nails

Almost as thin as a polish and yet stable enough to strengthen natural nails, the UV LED soak-off 3 in 1 gel nail polish is available in different variants. The fast hardening under a UV light eliminates the annoying waiting times that are normally needed for nail polish to dry, unsightly dents in the polish are also a thing of the past. The special polish lasts at least twice as long as conventional nail polish, often the layer will remain until the nail has grown out. The brilliant sheen reminiscent of gel nails ensures constantly beautiful nails that always appear fresh and elegant.As with the gel models, UV polishes are also applied in several layers. The layers should be as thin as possible and be cured separately under the UV lamp. Before applying to the natural nail, manicure the nails, push back the cuticles pushed back and gently scuff the nail surface with the buffer.

To ensure the adhesion of the first layer, which serves as the basis for the other layers of polish, remove any dust from the nail and degrease it with cleaner. Apply the base coat and harden this under the UV light, the dispersion layer remains on the nail and serves as an adhesive surface for the uv gel nail polish. The polish can be applied in one or more layers depending on the desired color intensity. The last layer of polish is a top coat, which provides even more stability, scratch resistance and a long-lasting shine. UV nail polishes are particularly well suited for problem nails such as spoon nails. On nails like this, acrylic or gel polishes often don't work. With the UV LED soak-off 3 in 1 gel nail polish, on the other hand, in many cases great and long-lasting results can be obtained.

UV gel nail polish are available in many colors, in matt and glossy, with glitter particles or flakes mixed in. A particularly attractive and striking variation is thermo UV LED soak-off 3 in 1 gel nail polish, which changes color depending on the prevailing temperature and thus constantly appears varying color shades. A quick and easy-to-remove alternative is peel off nail polish. No cleaner is required to remove this, the layers of polish can be removed simply like pulling off a thin layer. Browse through the nded offers in our large selection of UV gel nail polish for constantly new and exciting nail designs. Our products are MMA-free (no methyl methacrylate) and therefore ideally suited for sensitive individuals. Wholesale gel nail polish supplies and buy cheap one-step gel polish online for natural fingernails at home and free shipping.


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