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Vylet-Nails Studio Edition

Cheap Vylet-Nails Studio Edition offers UV/LED nails for the best possible gel manicures
With the Vylet Nails Studio Edition we offer everything you need for gel nails. The gel series is the highest quality and is easy to use. This offers your nails all of the advantages of modelled gel nails but they look absolutely natural and not in the least artificial. The gels can be applied in paper-thin layers to gently cover the natural nails. Once your nails have been completely modelled and hardened they are stable and solid and can take considerably more stress than natural nails. Your natural nails can grow back protected under the modelling and recover from any earlier damages. Vylet Nails Studio Edition color gels leave nothing to be desired. They are perfectly coordinated and work perfectly together. The large selection in the series includes a primer, 1 and 2 phase gels, sealing gel, bonding gel and many color gels, even with metallic effects, glitter or neon colors. Nail art elements such as rhinestones or nail-art foils can be excellently combined with the gels. Be inspired by the huge selection of Vylet Nails Studio Edition gels. These are also suitable for people with allergies. You can trust in our products of the highest quality. We guarantee adherence to all European standards and many years of manufacturing experience. You will love this gel series and wonder how you managed to live so long without them.
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