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Phase Gel

3 in 1 Phase Gel, as one phase or two phase, for pretty nails
1 phase gel, 2-phase gel or 3-phase gels are used to make LED or UV gel nails by applying individual layers and hardening them. 1-phase gel replaces adhesive gel and finish gel, meaning only 1 phase gel is used for all layers. Gel nails are made of UV gels or LED by repeatedly layering individual layers of gel. The gels of polymer - basically, plastic - have to be painted and hardened in several phases, but can generally be used for all phases. Normally there is a differentiation between 1-phase gels, 2-phase gels and three-phase gels when making gel nails and using the corresponding UV or LED gels. All three types are available in different consistencies, this means they are more or less viscous. We offer a selection of middle and thick viscosity UV and LED gels. The UV LED gels are the latest in polymer research, meet the European requirements for compatibility and quality and are also easy to use. They are just as suitable for professional nail design as for use in smaller rooms at home. The package sizes vary accordingly. For studios and professional designers it can be practical to order the larger packages which are relatively cheaper. The smaller package sizes are priced for household use, but can also be used as sample packages in studios. And to ensure that as little as possible can go wrong when making your gel nails with 1-phase gel, 2 phase gels or three-phase gels, we recommend our information brochures. These contain detailed instructions for finding problems and sources of problems when working with UV LED gels, which is why we have listed them not only in the training area, but also in our catalog for phase gels. All 3-phase gels can be found here in the NDED online store in the following LED UV gel categories: bonding gel, UV building gel, French-gel and sealing gel.
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