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Acrylic Nail Kits

Wholesale acrylic nail kits supplies
Fingernails with acrylic can help the natural fingernail recover without having to go out in public with poorly maintained nails. The artificial fingernails can have all the colors, glosses, glitter and decorations that are normally applied to natural nails. The artificial fingernails are attached to the natural nail with a thin layer of adhesives so that this can recover underneath it. They are also protected from mechanical irritants such as daily computer work, at a cash register or other activities. Acrylic nails are harder than the more well-known gel nails. These are made of powders and solutions that, once hardened, form a stable layer on the nail and can then be treated like natural nails. They can be shaped, painted, pierced and decorated with jewelry stones. And you can magically create beautiful, long nails while the natural nail is recovering. Our selection includes acrylic sets and starter sets offering everything needed for modelling acrylic nails. One set is designed for home use, the other for nail studios and the needs of professional nail designers. Detailed instructions for modelling completes the selection. Products from NDED e.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate).
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