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Nail Tip Box

Cheap nail tip box to store and sort tips for pretty nail designs
The dream of beautiful fingernails doesn’t have to remain a dream. Even if the real nails are not suited to growing longer because they break or tear once they reach a certain length. A nail extension with nail tips can be used to create beautiful nails. With a tip box you have a variety of tips easy to access on your table. The box is available with different tip forms. The tips are sorted in the box in ten different sizes. Every size has their own compartment and can be removed easily. Since the box can be closed, it is also suitable for mobile use since the tips won’t get mixed up or fall out. And on the table the cover on the box protects them from dust and dirt. Our tips are of the highest quality and are characterized by a good fit. They are particularly flexible and are easy to work with. The tips fit well on the natural nail and a primer can improve the adhesive effect on the nail. They are easy to shape can be shortened to any length. A nail trimmer is used to shorten them, a file is used for the fine shaping.
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