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Refill Bags

Refill Bags to hold nail designs for short nails
Nail tips are best suited for extending the nails. They are easy to work with and the natural nails can grow back under the tips. Tips are especially perfect for nails that never reach a certain length because they break or tear. If the natural nails are extended, the nails get a slimmer and better groomed appearance. Nail tips are available in various sizes so that the right one can be selected for every natural nail. However, some sizes are used more than others. However, since you don’t always want to buy a new box because there are a lot left in other sizes, our refill bags are a perfect solution. You can select exactly the refill bag with the size you currently need. Of course the individual bags, which each contain 50 tips in one size, also contain the various tip shapes, such as pointed, natural, clear or French tips. In this way you can continuously refill your tip box. However, if you don’t have a tip box, then you can also pick out an empty tip box from our selection to sort your tips correspondingly and to keep a perfect overview. Our tips are of the highest quality and in the most modern UV gel technology. The products are subject to European standards. Trust in our years of manufacturing experience and take a look at the large selection in our store. You will be thrilled and are guaranteed to find the matching tips.
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