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Studio Tables

Best nail salon tables and manicure tables
Nothing in the nail salon works without the right work station. Studio tables must meet a variety of requirements so that the customer is comfortable, but also so that the nail designer can work effectively and ergonomically. In addition to the various other equipment in the studio such as working materials and the interior design, the studio table is the most important piece of furniture. These cosmetic tables are available in different versions and meet both the highest design requirements in the studio as well as important criteria relating to ergonomics, space allocation and material.

Studio tables can be made from different materials. It is particularly important that the countertop is resistant to the various liquids and substances that are used in nail design. The table top must also be easy to clean and resistant to physical damage. Therefore work surfaces are often made of coated chipboard or melamine designs. A good work area is easy to clean or disinfect and offers room for handrests, the UV lamp and other nail art utensils. As an important accessory for the work area, display stands, lamps for the best lighting and other equipment can be integrated into the work station.

A good nail table has various drawers and compartments. Thus, all equipment necessary for modelling and manicures can be stowed easily as well as quickly accessible. The integrated drawers offer space for files, spot swirls and the various gels and paint, the closet spaces can stored larger containers such as storage bottles with cleaners or polish remover. Especially if the space is limited, a well-organized manicure table can hold everything needed for professional nail design equipment. Smooth and resistant surfaces in the storage rooms also ensure cleanliness and hygiene. The surfaces can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and, just like the countertop, are resistant to the substances and liquids used in the nail studio.

When selecting the perfect nail table for nail art work, always take the available space into account. The table itself can be placed to avoid glare from ceiling lights or the window. Ideally, the light should shine on the table from the left.

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