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Nail Art Pens

Nail art pens create cool nail designs and the finest lines
Painting like an artist. The finest lines on small surfaces, filigree figures and objects that are painted in detail and still fit on a fingernail - this is nail art. Brushes and other large tools can’t be used for this - nail design requires such fine lines that the designs can be conjured up on the nail with the pen. The fingernail pen is a 10 ml flacon filled with polish and with a small metal tip that makes exact and detailed work on small fingernails possible. Of course you can also attach detailed pre-drawn stickers or pictures on the nails - but hand-drawn designs are more attractive and available in 48 different colors. The artificial nail pen is available as a simple, single-color polish as well as in metallic, glitter and multi-color versions. Nail pens are sent directly from the manufacturer. We ensure you good quality and products that meet every European standard. The artificial nail pen is easy to use because it makes it possible to draw the smallest drawings with colored polish on artificial as well as natural nails. You don’t need any special talent, no training to be able to create small miracles on your nails. You only need a bit of imagination and a quiet hand. Or a nail artist who executes the design for you in the studio. After all, the nail pen is also used in nail studios.
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