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Other Files

Other files such as glass nail files, cylinders and professional files to create DIY nail designs
In nail shaping and nail art, files are an essential and indispensable component. Generally, nails shouldn’t be cut. If they need to be shortened then it is better to file them. And they can also be shaped in this manner. With certain files you can also achieve a beautiful gloss and a smooth surface. Our selection contains many other files that have special characteristics. Glass files, for example, are very well suited to soft and brittle nails. The files are extremely durable and resistant. The micro fine surface means the nails can be filed with special care.   Our cylinder files are particularly well-suited to areas that are difficult to reach. Their special geometry gives them a special advantage over other files. The cylinder files have 25 different polishing surfaces with four various grains. The cylinder sticks fit well in the hand and make it easier to file callouses from cuticles on the edges of the nails as well as to shorten the natural nail under artificial nails. Our miniature files are the perfect companion for travelling. They have all the good properties of the “large” files, but they are in such a handy size that they fit well in every bag and can easily be taken along. In this way there is always a file at hand.   The wide studio files and thick professional files fit well in the hand and will convince you with their good properties. No matter which file you select from our range you will be excited.
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