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Nail Files

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Straight Nail Files
These straight nail files are unusually durable and stable. Since they can be washed off, the are very durable. They have been used for years in professional nail studios and always achieve the best results. Your work with these files is easy...
Curved Nail Files
Banana files are beneficial because the shape of the banana file fits the hand movement when filing. In other words, the arched shape is identical to the hand movement radius when filing to shape nails. This is why curved nail files are frequently used in
Buffer + Polishing Blocks
High gloss polishing block and nail buffer with four different fine surfaces for final polishing of the shaped gel and acrylic nails. The studio polishing block adds the final touch and gives your nails a diamond-clear radiance. Works especially in the...
Scented Files
No matter if you prefer the scent of lemons to flowers or not, this category has everything your heart desires. Fingernail store with cheap scented files and nail files with designs. The high quality of the scented files combines individual patterns with
Other Files
Nail filing is essential for beautiful nail modeling. It is generally not recommended that nails are cut. Glass nail files, cylinders and professional files are used to grind off the edges of the nail and give them a nice shape. To smooth the nails and...
Best nail files and buffers in a kit or set for manicures an pedicures
Manicure and pedicure - anyone who sees the creative end result of artfully designed fingernails probably does not realize how much work is involved. One more reason to look for a professional nail studio and entrust them with the skill of a nail designer. After all, gluing and polishing artificial fingernails is only one step of many. To do perfect nails, the corresponding accessories are needed. This is the only way to do nails with a bit of practice at home. However, the corresponding manicure and pedicure accessories must be of excellent quality. This starts with the right selection of high-quality files. You should know that, for artificial nails, files are used that cannot be used on natural nails and, of course, vice versa. For example, manicure glass files have a micro fine surface that gently shortens the nails and prevents tears. Very nice to use are scented files that are sand sheets and soft to nails, but also give off a nice scent. If you want to file more of the nail or roughen it up, you should use a nail design buffer. To prepare the natural nail before adding the artificial nail you’ll also find the right manicure and pedicure equipment, such as the nail care cylinder files with a total of 25 file surfaces.
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