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Striping Tape

Nail art striping tape to make cute nails with self-adhesive strips
Artfully designed fingernails give a woman’s hand their own note. They look beautiful, show care and detailed work, and they can match the other jewelry worn. Especially when they reflect the color or structural design in the jewelry. Nail art ribbons, for example, go extremely well with delicate bracelets and necklaces because they are made of fine, glittery Nail art strips that are placed in the wet nail polish or in UV gel. Once the gels or polishes dry completely, the nail art ribbons are set in place and last a long time. These nail art ribbons make hands a work of art that emphasizes the beauty and attractiveness of every woman. As with many other products in nail art, they make it possible to achieve a unified look because they harmonize with other accessories. This product comes directly from the nail art manufacturer, meets European standards and is safe for use. The nail art quality is excellent, and the nail art ribbons are available in many different colors so that they can be used in every nail art on the fingernail. If you are not certain, ask for advice in your nail studio - nail art ribbons are also used there, on natural nails as well as on artificial nails. The nail art ribbons do not cause any damage, they are placed in polish or gel while this is still wet and can then be worn for a long time.
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