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Best nail art rhinestones and decoration kits for elegant nail art designs
Glittering, sparkling stones are beautiful. They catch the light and reflect it in thousands of facets, they conjure up rainbows, drive away shadows and paint pictures of light. Stones captured in precious metals are beautiful decorations for well-maintained hands. Delicate fingers show their elegant charms when emphasized with small and wide rings and stones cut into shape add their sparkle. However, real gemstones of glass-pure quality are rare - sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds are expensive and are often replaced with imitation rhinestones. Anything that can be used in jewelry and on clothing can also be used in nail design. Rhinestones reflect a charming effect. The sparkling pieces of glass are available in any color you want. Our selection includes rhinestones shaped like hearts, drops, small triangles, intricately designed sparkling flowers, stars, butterflies, half moons, tears and half-pearls. The rhinestones are not just dropped into the wet polish or UV gel. Once the polish has hardened, the stones are attached properly, just like in a jewelry mounting. You will appreciate the sparkle on your nails! Adapt the design of your fingernails to match your jewelry. As with all of our products, the rhinestones are sent directly from the manufacturer. The high quality meets our own expectations and the staggered price means the purchase for larger amounts for a nail studio is just as economical as for household use.
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