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Nail Tattoos

Best nail tattoos for easy and fast nail designs
elf-adhesive or as an inlay

Basically, there are two types of nail tattoos. Many of the small motifs are available as self-adhesive stickers. The application is then very easy, because the tattoos are easily removed with tweezers from the carrier foil and glued on. Nail stickers as inlays are available in various thicknesses and can either be directly used and placed on the nail, or must first be soaked in water for some time to soften them. All nail stickers have one thing in common, the nail is sealed at the end. This keeps the tattoos on the nail for a long time and helps them keep their shape and color intensity.

Nail tattoos in numerous design variants

Nail tattoos as easy-to-use stickers are ideal for the fast creation of imaginative nail art. The wide selection of motifs makes it easy create any style. Graphic, floral, ornamental or romantic - for each desired nail design there is a suitable nail sticker. Most designs are available in different colors or color combinations, which means the nail design can be easily adapted to the outfit and personal style. Many stickers can also be combined, creating new and unique works of art on natural or artificial nails.

From an individual design up to a full cover tattoo

Along with the small tattoo designs, stickers are also available as full cover or for French Nails. The nail design can then be applied very quickly. The nail art stickers can be shaped for perfect placement with the nail clippers and can hardly be distinguished from a "handmade" design with a brush or airbrush.

Sealant as a finish

To keep the nail tattoos durable and to prevent them from detaching from the nail, a seal is applied in the last step. Depending on how the nail is designed, a top coat can be applied or a varnish used. The top coat is hardened under the light unit and provides a particularly tough and shiny surface, and thus a durable, beautiful nail.

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