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Buy cheap nail art ring kits - wholesale ring sets supplies
Beautiful female hands deserve jewelry. Traditional jewelry includes rings, ribbons, bracelets and painted fingernails. But this is too boring for many women: Why wear only traditional, discreet jewelry? If something flashier is acceptable (without being tacky), then nail designs on artificial nails with matching rings are just the right thing. The transparent or white plastic rings can be painted and decorated with accessories - just like artificial nails. Since the complete equipment for this is not always available at home, on our pages you will not only find the rings in small and bulk packages (the staggered price also applies; larger amounts are proportionally less expensive to purchase), but you will also find the necessary equipment to decorate the rings to match your nails. The Nail Art set contains banana files, a sanding block, turning rod with corresponding cover, rings in various sizes and instructions. Of course you can also purchase all of these products individually. Rings and accessories meet European standards for plastic jewelry and tools. The items are completely safe and can be used at home as well as in the nail studio. Let your imagination run free when designing matching rings for your beautiful nails!
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