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Cleaning, Disinfection and Removal

Disinfection, nail cleaning and removal of nail modelling
In nail modelling, cleaning, disinfection and removal are important points. Cleanliness essential for perfect nails. For the various work steps involved in modelling various liquids are necessary. The cleaner is used in the preparation, to remove grease from the nails and to clean them. This also removes the dispersion layer that develops when the gels are hardened in the UV light. If nail tips are used, it is important that the nails are free of grease and dust, otherwise the durability of the tips cannot be 100% guaranteed.   To clean the equipment, especially the brushes, use our brush cleaner. It ensures a longer lifetime and use of the brushes since the brush hairs are reliably cleaned of gel remnants. Tools and hands have to be disinfected. You’ll find numerous items for this in our selection. We carry disinfectants that are kind to the skin but are still absolutely effective, as well as means for disinfecting equipment. If there are any nicks to the skin - which shouldn’t actually happen - the injury should be disinfected to stop any infections.   You’ll also find removers in our selection. Along with nail polish remover, this includes a tip remover. There can always be reasons to remove nail tips. With the tip remover this is relatively gentle to the natural nail.
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