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Skin Care

Wholesale skin care supplies and products for all skin types
The skin is the largest human organ, and at the same time one of the most delicate. On a grown person, it is about 22 square feet big. Day for day it is subject to numerous stresses such as heat, cold, dust, moisture, sun and much more. Cleaning agents and other substances come into contact with the skin and damage it. It is therefore very important to have good and regular skin care that doesn’t damage the skin. Natural skin care begins with natural cosmetic products from Lavera and YOUMAXX, which we carry in our health and beauty store for you.

Our wide range offers many high-quality products for long-lasting care for your skin. Our natural cosmetic skin care is free of synthetic additives and pollutants. All of the raw materials used for this are from controlled and ecological cultivation or certified wild cultivation, which characterizes our biological skin care. Chemical preservatives and perfumes are not used for the production of natural cosmetics. The natural plant ingredients are clearly the focus of our line. Just as animal testing with the finished product or the raw materials used for the ingredients is completely taboo.

Find the right product for your special skin type and put together your own beauty-pampering program. Let your skin radiate with the right care and support it in protecting your body from external influences. If your skin is itchy, tight, flaky or red, this is a sure sign that your largest organ needs care and support. However, sagging or wrinkly skin or a dull complexion can be a sign that your skin is not capable of dealing with the environmental influences of daily life. Therefore, don’t even let things go so far that your skin starts to send signals, but support it daily with a light natural skin care.

A mild wash lotion is best suited for cleansing and can be used for the sensitive skin on the face as well. Occasional exfoliation removes dry skin cells, and a calming mask afterwards provides the necessary moisture and gives your skin back its smoothness. A nourishing cream is ideally suited for daily skin care with natural cosmetics from healing plants and natural materials. Body lotion is ideal for the rest of the body. It is easy to spread and soaks in quickly. And you should never forget the hands, which are often subject to extra stresses. A moisturizing natural cosmetic hand cream is therefore essential.

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