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Acrylic Liquids

Best nail acrylic liquids for creating diva nails
Beautiful, modelled fingernails don’t have to be a dream. Even if your own nails are showing signs of wear and tear and don’t look very good. If someone wants to change that, and their natural nails are not very pretty, they can think of artificial nails as an alternative - even if only to bridge the time until their own nails have gotten long enough to work with. Well cared for hands and tastefully modelled nails are essential and important for overall appearance. Even if you are not a professional, you should try nail design yourself at least once. After all, Vylet Nails acrylic has the right materials and these are high quality. Vylet Nails acrylic powder is just one example. It is easy to work with, stops yellowing and turns your nails into a real eye catcher. Vylet Nails acrylic liquid works with this. Both products are designed to work together and are available in the best nail studio quality. There is also a low-scented version of Vylet Nails acrylic liquid. Another example is the Vylet Nails acrylic Primer, which is also very suitable for problematic nails. It strengthens the secure adhesion between the natural nail and the acrylic used by 100%. Lifting of the nail is therefore a thing of the past. Products from NDED e.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate).
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