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Acrylic Accessories

Wholesale acrylic accessories supplies - buy cheap nail tools

In order to create the perfect acrylic nails, you need highest quality acrylic accessories and tools. For that exact reason, we offer you amazing accessories at amazing price-quality ratio. For creating the acrylic mass, you need a small container, this is what dappen glass was designed for. It is a practical and sturdy glass, it can contain ca. 2-3 ml acrylic mass and is easy to clean. The most important tool for nail designer, is of course the brush. We offer you a wide selection of different brushes, in different forms and sizes. So that you can find the one best suited for your style and needs.

You want longer nails? You can make it easier by using our stencils. They are easy to use and have strong glue to keep them in place. Combining our pinch sticks with your modeling, you can achieve the perfect form for your nails. Alternatively you can use our pinch press. You can find more precise instructions and videos if you click on the details down below. We offer you all these, and quite a bit more, acrylic accessories for perfect nail designing.


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