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Cotton Pads & Foil Nail Wraps

Cellulose swabs, cotton pads and foil nail wraps make it easier to remove gel nail polish
Nail design store - cellulose swabs are indispensable helpers in the nail studio. They are used in many work steps. Hygiene and cleanliness are very important elements in nail design. The small cellulose swabs are the perfect helpers in both aspects. The swabs are made of cellulose material. They have a variety of uses. They are used to clean the nails, during and after the nail shaping. They are also used to clean and remove grease from natural nails. And they are even used for removing the dispersion layer and after drying under the UV lamp. An excellent use is also for cleaning brushes and wiping off the UV lamps. Of course you will find the products necessary for cleaning and removing oil from nails and equipment in our selection. There are 500 swabs in a cellulose role. You will also find a matching container for the role in our nail design store - this will make it possible to have the swabs at hand at any time at your work station, you can easily tear them off and they are protected from dust by the container. Cellulose swabs have more benefits in nail design than cotton pads. They are lint free. There is nothing more annoying than lint from a cotton pad on the finished nail or in the nail design. The lint-free character means they are particularly well-suited for use in nail art.
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