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Trolleys and Cases

Cheap cases and beauty trolleys for perfect nails in mobile nail salons
Nail studio equipment - Do you want to expand your business and offer a mobile service to reach customers who do not live near a nail studio, live in the country or at the edge of town or who don’t have time to go to a studio? Maybe you are planning to be independent without a store and are thinking of a mobile nail studio with which you can exclusively visit customers at home. No matter in which direction you want to go, you will need professional equipment that you can take with you for your daily work, such as the robust multi-functional case that looks like a briefcase and can hold numerous gel products and nail art items for secure transport. The carry case / vanity case of high-quality aluminum has a practical size and generous supplies. The highlight is the removable basket system with five compartments in which your nail design accessories make it to your customer well sorted. There is even room for a light hardener. If you have bigger plans and sufficient storage space, you should consider an aluminum trolley. It is the perfect nail design accompaniment for your new business idea. The interior can be subdivided and the stable rollers and the adjustable handles ensure easy and relaxed transport. Nail studio equipment with quality is the guarantee for satisfied customers of mobile nail designers.
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