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Hand Pads

Best handrests, hand pads, nail hand pillow to make french manicures easier
Artificial nail store - certain things must be kept in mind for nail design. The relaxed atmosphere in the nail studio is also an important aspect. The handrest helps the hands stay still and calm which makes easy and good work possible. The special height that they are held at makes it easy for the nail stylist to concentrate completely on the work at hand. The handrests have different covers and various designs. You can therefore select one that matches your taste and your work area. Covers can be in terry cloth, fake leather, animal patterns, satin touch or flannel. But this is not all. In the artificial nail store you can select various colors for the flannel and satin tough covers and the animal prints include zebra, cow, leopard, snow leopard or tiger. This makes it difficult to choose. Treat yourself and your customers to the luxury of a handrest and in doing so quickly and easily add an additional element of relaxation. The more relaxed your model is, the better you can work on doing your nails or nail art for a result that couldn’t be better. See for yourself and check our the highest quality products in the NDED artificial nail store. You can place your trust in our years of manufacturing experience. Our products are in the most modern UV gel technology and meet all European standards.
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