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Hand Care + Manicure

Hand care kits and manicure sets with instructions for use
Manicures, pedicures, foot care, hand and nail care - beautiful hands and fingernails are a real treat for the eyes. However, without a bit of care and maintenance the skin will be rough, raw and torn. This is anything but pretty. If you are working with nail shaping, then it is best to combine this with hand care to get a perfect and attractive overall effect. In any event, a manicure should be the first step in the treatment. Whether this remains just a manicure or if nail modelling is to follow doesn’t change the procedure. We carry all products that are important for manicures. With our manicure tub the hand bath is easy. For particularly rough skin, paraffin baths have been proven to be successful. These have many caring properties and, along with a great deal of moisture, also give the back tightness and elasticity. And, finally, use a hand cream with high-quality ingredients to wrap up the treatment. And we have the right things on offer in our in-depth selection. If you still need tips to make the manicure even better and more effective, then take advantage of our DVD training for professional manicures. The DVD is even available in many languages. We have products of the highest quality in our store. Trust in our long-years of manufacturing experience and test us and our products, you will be convinced.
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