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Nail art sets ans brush kits for manicure
Brushes are an essential element in shaping nails and nail design. Different brushes are needed for different types of work. This is why our selection contains many different designs so that you will always be able to perfectly apply the various gels with their various viscosities, acrylics and polish in nail art. Many customer requests were considered for the manufacture of brushes, this should make them easier to use. We have kept to this, which of course, is to your complete advantage. You will get brushes that are extremely user-friendly, that make application faster and more exact. The bushes fit easily in the hand and even make it easy to apply fine lines and complicated designs. Our selection contains various sizes of gel brushes that combine only the best properties. The high quality means they will accompany you for a long time. The same applies goes for our acrylic brushes. With our silicone brushes you have an all-round talent that makes work with all gels, no matter what the viscosity, into child’s play. For nail art we have a very fine brush that makes it easy to draw fine and precise lines and drawings on the nails. And, finally, the dust brush is also essential. It reliably removes filing dust that would have unattractive results for the finished nails. To help you enjoy your brushes for a long time, you will also find the matching brush cleaners in our extensive range of products.
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